AI's Evolution in Media and Entertainment Industry

AI’s Evolution in the Media and Entertainment Industry

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a catalyst for revolutionizing the media and entertainment industry. Grand View Research has predicted that global AI in the media and entertainment industry was USD 14.81 billion in 2022, and is estimated to grow at 26% CAGR from 2023-2030. Its rising popularity in movie production, game development, music production, and advertising is paving the way for data-driven investment and tailoring content according to viewer’s demands. In this article, we will explore the impact of AI on the media and entertainment industry.
Benefits of AI in the Media and Entertainment Industry
Benefits of AI in the Media & Entertainment Industry
AI-driven Personalized Recommendation
Streaming platforms like Amazon and Spotify have been employing AI algorithms to deliver personalized recommendations based on the preferences of viewers and listeners. These algorithms analyze the history, habits, watching list, and playlist of users to tailor recommendations for each individual. For instance, Spotify’s AI model uses users' data to anticipate the next song users would prefer to listen to and recommends songs, playlists, podcasts, and radio accordingly. This creates an immersive experience for users and enhances user satisfaction.
AI-powered Task Automation
Artificial intelligence can optimize production processes and bring operational efficiency to the industry. AI-driven tools can automate repetitive tasks like video editing, script formatting, voice-overs, and post-production tasks. It can categorize content based on genre, industry, and country. It also streamlines the content creation by evaluating large data sets to craft content for specific audiences. This significantly reduces labor costs, saves production time, and boosts productivity.
AI-driven Marketing Strategy
AI and machine learning algorithms can empower the media and entertainment industry. These algorithms can track and analyze the user's data and social media trends to understand consumers' preferences for creating personalized marketing campaigns targeted at specific audiences. For instance, Netflix utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze users viewing and search history and recommend content based on it. It can also empower streaming platforms by generating thumbnails that are more likely to be clicked by the users. Targeted marketing campaigns powered by AI and ML can help the industry reach the target audience and increase revenue.
AI-assisted Translation
The media and entertainment industry can leverage artificial intelligence to translate content in real-time. AI models can make the content accessible by translating the written or audio content from one language to another and providing subtitles in real-time. This will help in streamlining the distribution of content for international audiences. This guarantees that the audience enjoys the content in their preferred language. Global accessibility powered by AI technology can help widen the audience base and streamline the revenue.
AI-generated Visuals
AI technology was used in the movie “The Mandalorian” for rotoscoping. It handled complex tasks and significantly reduced the time by around 90%. AI-driven tools can significantly impact animation and image generation. Tools for animation and character modeling integrated with artificial intelligence can greatly enhance 3-D models and create realistic effects in films and video games. The 3-D realism generated by AI enables filmmakers realistic virtual world which otherwise was expensive with traditional methods.
Final Words
The media and entertainment industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the advent of AI and ML. From personalized recommendations to 3-D visual effects, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are revolutionizing the landscape of the industry. Schedule a meeting with our experts to learn more about the AI benefits in the media and entertainment industry, and how can we boost your business with our AI-driven innovative solutions. Spiral Mantra is a leading software development company with successful partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, enterprises, and startups.